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Forget the architecture of the world except as something good in their way and in their time.


Do none of you go into architecture to get a living unless you love architecture as a principle at work, for its own sake——prepared to be as true to it as to your mother, your comrade, or yourself.


Beware of the architectural school except as the exponent of engineering.


Go into the field where you can see the machines and methods at work that make the modern buildings, or stay in construction directly and until you can work naturally into building-design from the nature of construction.


Immediately begin to form the habit of thinking "why" concerning any efforts that please or displease you.


Take nothing for granted as beautiful or ugly, but take every building to pieces, and challenge every feature. Learn to distinguish the curious from the beautiful.


Get in the habit of analysis—analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind.


“Think in simples" as my old master used to say, meaning to reduce the whole to its parts in simplest terms, getting back to first principles. Do this in order to proceed from generals to particulars, and never confuse or confound them or yourself be confounded by them.


Abandon as poison the American idea of the quick turnover. To get into practice half-baked is to sell out your birthright as an architect for a mess of pottage, or to die pretending to be an architect.


Then go as far away as possible from home to build your first buildings. The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines.


Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken-house as to build a cathedral. The size of the project means little in art, beyond the money matter. It is the quality of character that really counts. Character may be large in the little or little in the large.


Enter no architectural competition under any circumstances except as novice. No competition ever gave to the world anything worth having in architecture. The jury itself is picked average. The first thing done by jury is to go through all the design and throw out the best and the worst ones so, as an average, it can average upon an average. The net result of any competition is an average by the average of averages.


Beware of the shopper for plans. The man who will not grubstake you in prospecting for ideas in his behalf will prove faithless client.


Take time to prepare. Ten years' preparation for preliminaries to architectural practice is little enough for any architect who would rise above the belt in true architectural appreciation or practice.


Keep your own ideal of honesty so high that your dearest ambition in life will be to call yourself an honest man, and look yourself square in the face. Keep your ideal of honesty so high that you will never be quite able to reach it. Respect the masterpiece—it is true reverence to man. There is no quality so great, none so much needed now.