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Bogdan Ciocodeica是一家位于罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特的建筑和室内设计公司,由两位建筑师Bogdan Ciocodeica和Diana Rosu共同创立,他们对室内设计、建筑、产品设计和公共空间等方面特别感兴趣。

Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio is a Bucharest based architecture practice with a special interest in interior design, architecture, product design and public space interventions.Co-founded by two architects Bogdan Ciocodeica and Diana Rosu.

新的 SSAB 陈列室的室内设计概念来源于两个方面,一是更具策展性的高端商业展陈形式,二是对商业空间的户外营销,进行当代的建筑诠释。

The interior design concept of the new SSAB showroom lies on both, the more curatorial approach of high-end commerce, and the architectural interpretation of the contemporary ways.


The interior architecture concept for the new showroom has an atypical approach, offering the visitors a series of visual and sensorial experiences.


The entrance area, situated at the level of the sidewalk, is completely transparent, introducing the key elements of the overall concept, that is to be revealed on the next floor, where the showroom is situated. 


Spatially the showroom is divided into two main areas in a scenographic way, examining the relationship between the pedestrian public spaces and the commercial semi-public spaces, and the multiple possible connections between the two.

陈列室,打破了传统的设计方式,创造出了全新的空间体验。 所有的组成部分都更加微妙,它们避免个人主导,而是团队合作,以建立一个融洽的工作气氛。

The typical approach to showroom design is radically changed. All the components are more subtle, they avoid individual dominance and rather work together in order to build a coherent atmosphere. 


 All the usual exhibition areas are enclosed in some spatial capsules, that open from and towards the main common area, similar to storefronts on a pedestrian street.


The common area, stretching along with the large windows, consists of a series of flexible meetings and working areas, that are in a permanent connection with the commercial area. 


The multi-functional and multi-disciplinary character is highlighted by the unexpected contemporary art gallery, occupying at the first segment of the showroom, proposing an independent curatorial program focusing on all design areas.










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