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The Jade Shop is a shop in an art mall, which operates art collections such as jewelry, jade, antiques, etc., and is a retail format that runs parallel to the auction. Similar shops will remind us and trace back to the antique jewelry shop of Liulichang, where there are mysterious colors imagined by laymen. In fact, the mysterious barrier of understanding comes from the threshold of appreciation of professional knowledge. Therefore, in this retail store model, it includes a professional knowledge exchange environment, as well as the environmental requirements for meticulous observation and appreciation of artwork, which also includes the possibility of innovation in the way of experience.




1 Micro method


In the current market, where the Internet is more dominant, how to consider innovative experiences for shops? How can jewelry display and sales get the best results in today's context? Undoubtedly, this goal cannot be achieved without changing the traditional sales model and display model. We designed a core area for intimate talks, wrapped in rough granite ore. This core "treasure trove" metaphors a rough stone containing gemstones. Although it is not a room excavated from a single rock, the arrangement of the facade stones forms a sense of roughness and oppression of giant rocks. Enter from the entrance, and after three turns, enter the core area. This strategy undoubtedly extended the path and time and fully experienced the "landscape" before entering the final space, making a design contribution to the final deal in this space.







2 stone treasure trove







A treasure trove of private negotiation and ornamental jewelry became the core of the space concept. Corresponding to the treasure house, we designed a path that enters from the outside and gradually extends. Guests will experience the natural power of rock and stone walls, bypass the boulders and visit the horizontal long window display cabinets with wood grid walls. The long window gradually tilted upward and narrowed. The guest finally bypassed the corner of the stone house, passed the tea seat, opened the sliding door of weathering steel, and entered the treasure house.




Under the influence of large industries, modern mining is no longer a concept of manual mining in the past. It is usually mined in its entirety, cut and polished in the factory to produce a smooth surface, and loses the original rough traces and impressions. We hope to restore this rough and primitive feeling in the store space, like the rough stone with jade inside.






We customized the black granite we needed from the mine. One side of the stone is an unpolished cut smooth surface, and the other side is the irregular stone mining surface we need. When initially ordering, the supplier promised the thickness of the stone we requested, but when the finished product was shipped to the site, we suddenly found that the thickness of the stone was at least twice that of the original design. Perhaps this thickness is for the manufacturer to ensure the integrity of the stone for long-distance transportation. But such a weight is unbearable on-site floor bearing capacity and must be thinned. But the problems are coming one after another. There is no stone processing factory around Beijing, which can cut stone with a thickness of 6-10 cm in one cut to solve the problem of excessive thickness. Such a processing method is undoubtedly the simplest and most effective, but such a huge processing machine is only owned by the mine itself, and it is absolutely impossible for us to ship it back for reprocessing, so in the end, we chose another method.Later, we learned that there is another way to reduce the thickness, densely cut the gaps on the back of the stone, about one knife per millimeter, and then knock out the back thin stone pieces cut into the shape of a comb to reduce the thickness of the stone. So all the stones went through another processing. After the processing of the stone house, the corners of the stone are partially exposed, and there are still trace of cutting.



3 Details and atmosphere






In addition to consideration of details, the first is a horizontally long window-type display cabinet at the entrance, which adopts electric lifting glass doors. A long drawer pull plate is arranged below the horizontally long window so that the exhibits can be taken out for close viewing and prevented from falling. In the treasure house, the weather-resistant steel plates on the facade of the display cabinet behind the master seat also use electric lifting devices. In this stone house, rough rust texture, mild nostalgic walnut wood, hand-carved jadeite artwork compounded with mechanical and artificial processing traces, provides a wealth of art value in the display. The contrasting background also guarantees an atmosphere of the art trade.



The stone house opened two gaps towards the facade of the mall. To meet internal negotiations, the owner knew the condition of the external guests. A special-shaped glass cabinet is suspended in the gap of the stone house to display the most eye-catching exhibits. At night, the exterior lights dimmed, and the lights inside the stone house were cut by the stone wall and overflowed.





Due to the fire protection requirements of the mall, we used multilayer wood decorative veneers to make the cabinets. We used perforated aluminum to solve the air conditioning problem. The ceiling is irregularly stitched, using fiber optic lights in the holes of the porous aluminum plate, and the starlight effect renders the stone wall effect.



In the context of new online mainstream sales, shop owners have the ambition to change traditional sales methods. We hope to embody new effects through new strategies. From the perspective of the architect, let the interior decoration become the description of space and materials in the atmosphere of architectural language.




项目名称:岩石珠宝店 Rock jewelry store

项目地址:北京 Beijing

设计单位:在造建筑工作室 Atelier ZZ

主创设计师:张波,张清帆 Zhang Bo, Zhang Qingfan

设计起止时间:2019 年1月1日—2019年5月1日

开放时间:  2019年7月8日

项目面积:  57㎡

项目造价:  20万元



业主名称:允福珠宝 罗女士 Yunfu Jewelry Ms. Luo

摄影师:孙海霆, Sun Haiting,迟增磊,Chi ZengLe







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